WATER-ARTPROJECT visualising WATER: 2 voyages across the Atlantic Ocean, an exhibition, website and a book
Sailing the North Sea
History on my doorstep: Federico Spinola's unsuccessful attempt to ram the blockade of Dutch ships at Sluis, 26 May 1603
From the backyard: a small stream called the 'Passageule' in wintertime
3-dimensional artworks

Sailing the Atlantic Ocean

1The first voyage went from Simons Town in South Africa across the South Atlantic Ocean to Fortaleza in Brazil. The second trip from Sint Maarten in the Caribbean to the Netherlands in Europe.
2 ArtJournals and a memory game

the Exhibition

2A worldwide travelling exhibition with original art about WATER in the broadest sense with emphasis on art and the Atlantic Ocean.


3An very important part of the websites is the resources file. Numbers in the texts in the book, exhibition and in the websites link to resources with much more information.

'Sail' around the world in 80 pages

4A continuous book of 80 pages in a harmonica form (accordion book folding), the reverse printed with etchings, drawings and infographics. Book is handbound in a piece of original sail from sy-GEMINI.


Here are some examples of the art-works; you can follow progress of the exhibition on my Facebook page.

art photography with a twist
The exhibition does not show 'just' art photography. Some of the prints are made in layers or are combined in such a way that they become 3-dimensional and unica.
Columbus as portraited in the Nova Reperta
The book and promotion material have numbers next to the text and pictures. The numbers link directly to sections in the resources file. This file gives you much more info also about copyrightholders and related content.

Books & Gifts

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A Special Christmas Present
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A lot of additional resource material has been collected on Pinterest.
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Books & Gifts

2 Art Journals and a Memory Game

2 Art Journals and a Memory Game

and there is also a portfolio on Behancewww.saatchiart.com and Fine Art America


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